Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the name Avataa mean?

Avataa is a Sanskrit word which means "Fresh and Pure".

2. How does Avataa differ from the normal green teas available in the market?

Avataa varieties are available in market for the first time in India. They are minimally processed under modern technology, where the leaf unfurls while brewing and twinkles in the cup as fresh from the garden.

3. What is the meaning of multi-brew able tea?

Conventional method of green teas can be brewed only once , whereas Avataa teas are processed with tender leafy buds and can be brewed multiple times ( up to 4 times).You can reuse the same tea leaves for 4 times.

4. Whether all the cups will maintain the quality of the first cup?

Yes , Definitely.

5. Why do you stick to a particular temperature for brewing Avataa tea? What will happen if brewed with fully boiled water?

Catechins a group of polyphenols available in the green tea is dissolves instantly at higher temperature inducing bitterness in tea. Thus the tea brewed at higher temperature will have a bitter taste, while tea brewed from just boiled water (65 – 75degree C) will have a soothing character with mellow after taste.

6. What is your recommended quantity of Avataa tea leaves per cup?

2 grams per cup which will be around 10 to 12 pieces of Avataa teas.

7. How do silver tips differ from White Tea?

Silver tips are made only from the buds and not processed. Whereas White tea is processed minimally by using one leaf and bud which carries better aroma and taste than the silver tips.

8. How do you differentiate your 4 varieties of Avataa teas?

First and foremost information is that we do not use same variety of green leaf for all varieties. Green leaves from selective clones / bushes are used for making different varieties of Avataa tea.

  • Avataa Long Ding gives a cup with a strong liquor with a touch of astringency and sweet after taste.
  • Avataa Twirl Green Tea is mild astringent cup with medium strength, mellow and earthy after taste.
  • Avataa White Tea has well defined structure with distinct silvery tips. The brew has light and refreshing aroma with a soothing after taste.
  • Avataa Virgin Green Tea is light in cup gives a delicate aroma and subtle taste that lingers.

9. How unique is Avataa when compared to other teas in market?

It is not expensive. 2 grams of conventional teas gives only one cup whereas our multi-brewable tea gives you 4 cups with 2grams @ just Rs. 4/ per cup which is priced equivalent to any other conventional teas available in the market.