5 myths about tea that everyone think is true

26.01.24 06:11 PM By Author

Tea is already one of the best things you can slurp on. Everything tastes better when it is flavourful. Avataa has cracked some winning flavour combinations to soothe your senses and cool your body this summer. Tea often blends with dried pieces of fruits, spices, nuts, flowers and herbs to give you the flavours. Avataa has created a blend, specifically to delight your palate and promote health benefits as well, leading to a perfect cup of Tea.

Herbal teas are real teas.

There’s this underlying myth among the common public that any dry leaf steeped in hot water is tea. The fact is, different teas like white, black, green and oolong are all obtained from the same plant (camellia sinesis) and herbal teas are made by brewing flowers, seeds, roots, barks or herbs of plants in hot water. Unless you are a tea connoisseur or an aficionado, there’s a good chance that you believed herbal teas are well, TEAS.

Green teas are free of caffeine.

The difference in the amount of caffeine present in coffee compared to tea is profound. But, teas aren’t completely free of caffeine. There is 35mgs of caffeine in a cup of green tea and considering you drink 4 cups a day, the caffeine can add up quite quickly. Decaffeinated teas still have some caffeine in them, 2 to 10mgs per cup varying from tea to tea. However, unlike other caffeinated drinks, tea is hydrating to the bod

Drinking tea burns fat.

Green tea contains a stimulant that will speed up your metabolism, but if you’re completely relying on tea to burn all your fat, it is not going to work so well. On the other hand, green tea coupled with healthy eating habits complementing a solid workout regime will help you shed those extra pounds.

Teas don’t go bad.

Teas are best consumed within 6 months of purchase, considering you are storing it right. If you have a pack of tea that is sitting on the shelf for years or even months for that matter, it’s time that you tossed it out. Teas go stale overtime and moisture robs it of its flavours. Make sure that you’re storing it in a dry place, packed in an air-tight container to increase its shelf life.

Hot tea is better than iced tea.

As long as you brew the tea yourself, iced tea can be made as healthy as hot tea. The problem with most iced teas that you buy from the stores is that they’re loaded with preservatives, artificial flavourings and added sugar, all of which Avataa teas are free from. If you have heard of any other tea myth that you think we missed, let us know in the comments.


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